Bluejay and The RUSH #2

New Works, the 1st of the Mayfair Act city-states, is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. Bluejay and the Rush Team are trying to end a series of abduction plaguing the city of late. But will an Empowered mercenary team prevent them from doing just that?

Captain Jamaica #1

Captain Leecroft James "Jimmy" West, suffering from amnesia has returned home to the island of Jamaica, hoping to jog his memory and reconnect with the love of his life, Tonya Martin. But unseen forces may make that more difficult than Jimmy could have ever imagined.

The Brother #2

Omodara, an African time traveler, also known as the Brother has been placed under arrest for crimes against the African People. He now must stand trial for these charges but under whose authority?

Real Comics Showcase #3

Two Thrilling Stories base in the Real Entertainment Universe. The action pack conclusion of the Emerald stone Saga, plus the beginning of the D.A.R.K of Night Agenda.

I-Hero #5

The I-Hero Saga continues with the estranged brother of Zartrock plotting his revenge against Imperial and Imperia.


The 1st amazing issue of the Nomechein Saga, with art and story by Ahmad Kumasi. The comic book version of one of the most exciting ICAS (Indie Creators Animated Showcase) Motion Comic Series.

Real Comics Showcase #1

1st action pack issue of Real Entertainment's flagship character, Pencilman and his allies from throughout the Indie comic universe. The Battle for the Emerald Stone Saga begins here.

Real Comics Showcase #2

The second issue of the Battle for the Emerald Stone Saga. Pencilman and Z Lunar are attempting to recruit more allies from throughout the Indie comic universe to help with the fight.

Bluejay and The RUSH #1

Virgil Avis, The Bluejay, is on a quest to find answers about New Works City, a megacity of wonders. As New Works City rushes forward, is it dragging the world towards a future that is too much to handle?

RUSH Parallels #1

The companion book to the Bluejay and the RUSH series. These are stories that take place between issues of the series and tell stories that take place in the past, present, and future of the RUSH Universe.

The Legend of Will Power #1

1st pulse-pounding issue! What if the universe became a thousand times weaker and you were unaffected? The origin of the Powersverse's iconic powerhouse. This is the Legend of Will Power.

The Legend of Will Power #2

Freshly awaken from a 30-year slumber in stasis, young William Power finds there are those that want him dead or alive, including a bloodthirsty mercenary that goes by the name “Payday!”

The Legend of Will Power #3

Still seeking evidence of his long-lost father, Will Power journeys to the Antarctic to find one of his father’s forgotten secret labs.

The Legend of Will Power #4

William finds out there are more people who want a piece of his hide and that there’s more to his presence that first, he’d imagined.

The Legend of Will Power #5

Will Power comes to grips with the loss of his family and friends as he comes face to face with Prehistoria and The Cave in an all-out epic air battle!

Action Pack #1


The 101 #1

The 101 is a Powerverse Sourcebook series that details Powerverse character origins, their abilities, and Power Ratings!

The Powers That Be! #1

When an event changes the universe, heroes arise to save the day! The heroes discover the “Powers That Be!” HQ.